10-31 Comet C/2020 F3 closest July 22 around 10 degrees above the northeastern horizon (the width of your outstretched fist) in the hour before da —Karlstad
16 Riverview Park Concert at the Gazebo 6:30pm Two @ a Time. Food served by Polar Plunge for Special Olympics —Roseau
17-19 LOW County Fair Live Entertainment, Food Vendors, Demo Derby, Races & More! —Baudette
19 Pavilion Entertainment 6pm Marissa Steien (REISSA) performing. Also Maggie's Food Truck —Karlstad
23 Riverview Park Concert at the Gazebo 6:30pm. Northern Suns Band —Roseau
23 Music in Hartz Park 7pm. Lois & Lois —Thief River Falls
30 Riverview Park Concert at the Gazebo 6:30pm Shake, Rattle & Roll. Meal served by Roseau ALS. —Roseau
30 Music in Hartz Park Joe & Billy Kezar —Thief River Falls
01 LOW 48th Annual Threshing Bee 10am - 4pm. 8 Miles North on Rocky Point Rd NW. —Roosevelt
01 Crazy Days 9am - 3pm. —Thief River Falls
06 Riverview Park Concert at the Gazebo 6:30pm Dance Attic. Meal by Roseau ALS —Roseau
06 Music in Hartz Park Peter Samuelson —Thief River Falls
07-09 Moose Fest!  —Karlstad
07 Tri-County EMS Color Fun Run 7pm. Karlstad Firehall —Karlstad
11 Perseids Meteor Shower 
13 Riverview Park Concert at the Gazebo 6:30pm. The Overtones. Meal served by Roseau Women of Today —Roseau
13 Music in Hartz Park 7pm. The Trochmann's —Thief River Falls
20 Pavilion Entertainment 6pm Woodpicks performing —Karlstad
20 Riverview Park Concert at the Gazebo 6:30pm. Dan Holt Performing. Meal served by Relay for Life Team —Roseau
20 Music in Hartz Park Performing: Liv & Ris —Thief River Falls