Symbols Used in Dialing Strings

(When Calling with Your Modem)


What It Does

, Pauses - for 2 seconds Normally.
W Wait for a tone before dialing the remaining digits.
@ Wait for a "quiet answer" before continuing with a string.
! Flash (go on-hook for ½ second). Used to get a new dial tone.
; Return to beginning after dialing. Must be at the end of a dial string.
Digits and characters that can be used in a dialing string (Must be tone dialing for ABCD).
T To set up touch tone dialing.
P To set up pulse dialing.
R Reverse mode. Used to put the modem in answer mode as soon as dialing is finished.
S=n Stored number. Used to dial a stored number in some systems.
To Disable Call Waiting:
Use *70,, before your digits to dial (in most telecos).