Wiktel Photographers Information

Contribute to the NW Minnesota / NE North Dakota home page.

Submit photographs that you take with your digital camera or cellphone by emailing them to webmaster@wiktel.com. Be sure to include the First & Last name of the person who took the photo so we know who to credit. Please make sure that your photo dimensions are at least 600x800 pixels, and at least 72dpi (dots per inch). If you believe the subject to be especially interesting, be sure your settings are at "high quality". Especially good pictures may be selected for use within Wiktel's Regional Phonebook; maybe even on the cover!

Photos that are selected can be found in the Photo Archives gallery. Modest awards are given for what we consider to be the best photos. Pictures contributed in one year may be used on the home page in the following years, and will still be eligible for awards in those years.

By e-mailing a picture to our webmaster, you are granting us a non-exclusive right to use the picture on our website for community interest and to publish it within our Regional Phonebook or other promotional literature. Be sure to provide your name and address so we can give you credit. Other than the picture awards, there is no payment for pictures that we use. If we use the picture for publication we may ask you for a copy of the file with the highest pixel count. Printed materials require higher DPI (300dpi), so keep that in mind when you submit photos for consideration.

We appreciate all of your photo submissions, and look forward to seeing what you have to share.