Wiktel Photographers Information

Contribute to the NW Minnesota / NE North Dakota home page.

Email pictures that you take with your digital camera to webmaster@wiktel.com and if we think that your photo is of regional interest we may put it on the web. You may send us pictures from email mode(typical) on up to 5 megabytes or more of information. Pictures in email mode are normally satisfactory. And copies high density pictures can be brought down to 90 kilobytes or so, depending upon whether they degrade too much or not, so that they don't take so much time to download, or fill up your mailbox. If the picture is an artistic one, you need to be careful not to reduce the pixel too much. If you have a high speed connection, you can afford to send picture files that are a higher density.

If the subject is especially interesting, or the picture of very high quality, we would appreciate a larger pixel count. [Please let us do any cropping, so be sure it has enough pixels for us to work with.] The pictures will be reduced to 3-5Kilobytes in order to keep the home page at a reasonable download time (quite a bit less than email mode). Especially good pictures may be usable in wiktel's published directory, or may get special emphasis on the awards page.

By e-mailing the picture to the webmaster you are granting us a non-exclusive right to use the picture on a temporary basis for community interest, and to publish it in one of our directories or other promotional literature. Be sure to provide your name and address so we can give you credit. Other than the picture awards, there is no payment for pictures used in our published directory. However, credit is given to the photographer. If we use the picture for publication we may ask you for a copy of the file with the highest pixel count. If you have subject matter that is worthy of publication, crank your pixel count up on your camera as high as possible when taking a picture.

What we like:

Scenic pictures of the region, wildlife, landscapes, outdoor activities, sports, people doing things. Pictures which demonstrate the natural beauty of the area, its people, and recreational opportunities.

Selected pictures are located within the: Photo Archives. Modest awards are given for what we consider the best pictures. Pictures contributed in one year may be used on the home page in subsequent years. If used in subsequent years, they will be eligible for awards in those years.

Send suggestions to: webmaster@wiktel.com

The Online Archive:

We maintain an archive of pictures that have been used on a link on the home page. See the links on www.wiktel.com on the lower right. Not all pictures that are sent in go into the archives.

The more pictures the better. Because the variety of subject matter is important to make the home page interesting. However, that means we need to be more selective in choosing pictures to work on and put in the on-line archives. Please do not be offended if one of your pictures is not selected, or put into the archives. And don't give up. The more pictures that you send in, the higher the likelihood that one is chosen.

We enhance the quality of many pictures using Photoshop. So don't be afraid to send an interesting picture in. Every picture that is put up is individually brought up and processed. But those too difficult will not be worked on. But keep in mind that a poor quality picture of Bigfoot is much more valuable than a poor quality picture of a white tailed deer, and we will do our best to enhance it and get it on the home page.

Please do not expect a personal response when you send in a picture, unless you have a question or comment. But don't be afraid to follow up if you aren't sure your picture sent ok. We do appreciate all of your contributions, and so do the many people who use the community home page!