Letter to Customers

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     Content providers continue to substantially raise their charges. 
     The content providers get away with this because they don’t deal directly with the ultimate customer.  They charge the cable company, who has to pass the charge on to the customer.  Most don’t give customers a choice, but force us to pay the charge for every customer.  They often force us to pay for a group of channels, or they won’t give us the popular ones. It is our feeling that the charges will continue to rise in an unreasonable manner until the customers get involved and are willing to say NO until the content providers back down.
     The local channels and networks have gotten especially greedy.  At one time we were required to carry them, but with no charge to the customer.  Then there was a rule change and the total charges for local channels quickly went to $5 per month, then to $10, and before long will be $15.
     We would like your input.  If most of you are willing to drop a group of channels, then we can drop them and not pass on the cost of that channel or group.  Please respond as quickly as possible to the survey.  The deadline for renegotiating the current group of contracts is very close.
     Please either go to www.wiktel.com/survey or call us up and tell us which channels, if any, that you would be willing to do without in order to slow down the increase in rates.  You can also go to the home page at www.wiktel.com and click on SurveyChannels in the bottom left corner of the page.  Put your full 10 digit phone number in.
     To read more about what we are doing to keep your costs down go to www.tvonmyside.com/wiktel


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