Wiktel Voicemail

Quick Start Voice Mail Setup Instructions

Set Up
  1. Dial 333
  2. The first time you call you will be asked to enter a new password followed by the # key. Re-enter the password followed by the # key
  3. Note: 0000 is the default password.

On, Off, & Retrieve
To Turn on Voice Mail No Answer
  1. Dial *92 (or 1192)
  2. When you hear special dial tone
  3. Press number of rings (2-9) followed by 333
  4. When you hear the VM system answer, hang up
Turn off Voice Mail No Answer
  1. Dial *93 (or 1193)
  2. Hang up after hearing the special tone
Turn on Voice Mail Busy
  1. Dial *90(or 1190)
  2. When you hear special dial tone, press 333
  3. When you hear voicemail system answer, hang up
Turn off Voice Mail Busy
  1. Dial *91(or 1191).
  2. Hang up after hearing the special tone
Retrieve Messages
  1. Dial 333
Retrieve from other phone
  1. Dial your phone number
  2. When you hear start of message, press *

Menu Options

Once you know the instructions, you can push these options without listening to the complete instruction each time.

Main Menu

1 = Play Messages
5 = Dial a configured out-dial #
7 = play current date and time
9 = setup your voicemail box
0 = hear these instructions again

Play Messages Menu
Press 1 within main menu

Press 1 – To Play Message
Press 2 – Save and Play Next Message
Press 3 - Delete and Play Next Message
Press 4 - Save as New Message
Press 5 - Return this call
Press 6 - Forward Message
Press 0 – Repeat Options

Mailbox Setup Menu
Press 9 within Main Menu

Press 1 - Greeting Options Menu
Press 2 - Change Password
Press 3 - Notification Options
Press 4 - Auto Login Options
Press 5 - Language Options
Press 6 – Edit Distribution Lists
Press 7 – Edit Out-dial Number
Press 8 - Record your name
Press 9 - Change Pager Options
Press* - Return to Main Menu
Press 0 – Repeat Options

Greeting Menu
Press 1 within Mailbox Setup Menu

Press 1 – Play
Press 2 – Rerecord Greeting
Press 3 – Delete
Press 5 – Choose New Greeting
Press * - Mailbox Setup Menu
Press 0 – Repeat Greeting Menu Options

Distribution List Menu
Press 6 within Mailbox Setup Menu

Press 1 – Add Mailbox
Press 2 – Remove Mailbox
Press 3 – List all Mailboxes
Press 5 – Delete List
Press 8 – Enter Different List
Press * - Mailbox Setup Menu

 Out-Dial Menu
Press 7 within Mailbox Setup Menu

Press 2 – New Out-dial Number
Press 3 – Delete Out-dial Number
Press * - Mailbox Setup Menu



Detailed Setup Instructions
Step 1: Prepare your name, message and pass code.
  1. Think of a four digit pass code for your mail box using the numbers 0-9 on yourtelephone key pad.
  2. Think of a name for your mailbox (usually your name): "Jane and Tom Doe".
  3. Write down a message for your mail box. Make the message simple and short, and be respectable. Your message will leave a lasting impression on people, either of a positive, professional person, or a crude, clumsy, klutz. Remember, people other than your closest buddies will have to listen to the message. Example: "This is Jane and Tom Doe, we are not available at this time. Please leave a detailed message after the tone, including your name and phone number. We will get back to you as soon as possible." Example without a name: "We are not available at this time. Please leave a detailed message after the tone, including your name and phone number. We will get back to you as soon as possible."
  4. Put all of this information on the form below to set up your mailbox.
Step 2: Set up your mail box.
  1. Lift up your handset and get dial tone.
  2. Press 333
    • You should hear "Please enter your password followed by the # key".
    • Enter 4 digit password (default is 0000 #) "
    • You will then hear " Verify your new password followed by the # key".
    • Enter 4 digit password again **** #.
    • You should hear "Your pass code has been changed."
  3. Record your greeting: ______________________________________________________.
    • From Main Menu Press the 9 key followed by the 1 key.
    • You will again have the opportunity to listen to, re-record, or go on. Press 0 to repeat options or return to the main menu. HINTS: Be in a quiet place so no noise is picked up. Be aware of your breathing. Try to breath in just before the tone sounds so your breathing is not recorded. Remember to push the # key about a second after your last word. Long periods of silence can cause you to lose the first part of a caller's message. Practice your message so that it is smooth and friendly. Listen to it, and do it over again until you get it right. If your voice is not very phone friendly, get someone with a very nice phone voice to put your message on for you. Your personal success, and the success of your business, is very much affected by the sound of the voice which answers your phone.
  4. Record your name or department.
    • From the Setup Menu press 8
    • After listening to and re-recording to your satisfaction, press * to return to the main menu or hang up if you are satisfied with your setup.
    • HINTS: Be as careful recording your name as you were recording your message. Be sure to press the # key right after saying your name so there is no confusing pause. (The name part of your voice mail box will only be heard when you call your own mail box, or when you use the special voice mail features available from Wikstrom Telephone Company, like Auto-attendant boxes. Only the message will be heard by callers for basic residential calls.)
Step 3: Turn your voice mail box on.

First decide how many times you want your phone to ring before it transfers to voice mail; Four or five times is a good number for residential usage. If it takes you longer to get to the phone, you may want to set it higher.

  1. Pick up your handset and listen for dial tone.
  2. Dial *92 (or 1192)
  3. After the special dial tone sounds press the number of rings you want (2-9) followed by the number 333. (Example: *92 [dial tone] 5 333 )
  4. When the voice processing machine answers ("Please enter your password"), hang up immediately after the message starts playing.
    Your voice mail box is now set up to answer whenever your phone rings more than the designated number of times. If you need more time to answer the phone when you are home, turn your voice mail box off as explained below, then go through step 3 again, increasing the number of rings prior to transfer. (Don't forget the single digit number of rings before pressing 333.)
To Retrieve your messages, or change your mail box setup.

Whenever you have messages, you will hear an intermittent dial tone (stutter dial tone). If you have a message waiting light on your phone, it will be flashing. Pick up your handset and listen for dial tone. Dial 333. Follow the instructions given by the voice mail system. You may retrieve your messages, or change your mailbox setup. When finishedsimply hang up

To Retrieve your messages from another telephone.

Dial your number. As soon as you begin to hear your message press the star key (*). Then follow the instructions given by the voice mail machine.

To turn off your voice mail box.
  1. Pick up your handset and listen for dial tone.
  2. Dial *93 (or 1193).
  3. Hang up after hearing the special tone.
Transferring to voice mail when you are busy.

If you would prefer to have messages go to voice mail when you are on the phone, rather than use call waiting:

  1. Pick up your handset and listen for dial tone.
  2. Press *90 (or 1190). Listen for the special tone.
  3. Dial 333.
  4. Wait until you hear the Wikstrom Voice Processing System answering then hang up.
  5. To deactivate this feature. Get dial tone. Press *91 (or 1191). Hang up after hearing the special tone.
If you do not have a touch tone phone.

Touch tone service is free from the Wikstrom Telephone Company. But you must have a touch tone phone to use the voice mail system. Call the Wikstrom Telephone Company to arrange for a touch tone phone. But be sure to consider getting a call waiting light and digital display of digital features on the phone if you get a new one. Call 436-2922.

To get a message waiting light. (all prices subject to change)

This service is only available if you get telephone access from Wikstrom
Since basic voice mail is free to Wikstrom customers, you will get a message waiting light indication whenever you have voice mail messages for no extra charge, in addition to the stutter dial tone. You do need a phone with a message waiting indicator on it, however, or have a message waiting indicator light attached to your phone.

Remember, of course, that the intermittent ("stutter" present phone. The blinking light adds a visual notice that you have a message.

Distribution Lists

You can make a message in the voice mail machine, and have it delivered to several other mail boxes.

Teacher Example: Teacher should check to see that parents are using their voice mail boxes. If they are not, messages should not be sent to those boxes, so that the parents are not confused by the stutter dial tone. The teacher should create a distribution list with all of the telephone numbers of the students or their parents on the list. Follow the instructions from the voice mail machine after calling in to 333 to change your options.

The teacher can then create a message and have it delivered to all mail boxes which are in use. Follow the instructions of the voice mail machine for "make new message" by pressing 6 at the Setup menu. You will be prompted to "Enter a mailbox number to deliver the message to, or press the star (*) key followed by a distribution list number." Press the star (*) key and then the number you assigned to the distribution list for your students. Record the message after the tone, pressing the pound key (#) as soon as the message is ended. Then continue following instructions to deliver the message. The message will go to all of the mailboxes on the list, and will turn on stutter dial tone, and a message waiting light on phones equipped for the message waiting light. HINTS: The message should contain basic information. Example: "This is Jane Doe, 1st grade teacher at the Middle River School. The assignment for March 21st is as follows: English..., read pages 100-120, do exercises on page 121. Math..., read pages 210 through 212... Do the odd problems on page 213 except for 19, 21, and 23. Science..., read pages 98 through 110... Do problems 4, 8, 11, and 15."

Remember to write out the message before creating it. Be professional. Check your gasps for breath. State the message clearly and slowly enough so that it can be understood. Check it and redo it until it is right. Be sure your voice is positive and cheerful. Remember that the whole world might hear the message at some point. Use words frugally, with the message no longer than absolutely necessary. Wordy messages are boring, frustrating, unprofessional, and are often disregarded.

Sending a Voice Mail Message without Calling another party

Follow the same instructions as for a distribution list, except send it to one mail box (local telephone number), rather than to a distribution list. [This only works for local 7 digit numbers]. When you want to send a message, but do not want to talk with someone, this is the time wise way to do so.

Don't abuse the system. Unnecessarily excessive use of voice mail options may result in charges being assessed for their use.

Out-dial Options

When setting up or changing your mailbox setup options select 7 "edit out-dial number" at the appropriate point in the instructions from the voice mail machine. Put the number in that you want the call re-routed to.

Then change your message to let your caller know about the call routing option. Example: "This is Jane Doe, I am not available at this time. If you want to reach my assistant, John Roe, press 1. Otherwise leave your name and telephone number, along with a detailed message after the tone and I will get back to you. "

In this example if the caller presses 1 on their phone, the call will be transferred to John Roe's telephone number as you programmed under call routing options. Otherwise a message will be taken. However, a call can only be made to a local number. Special arrangements must be made with the service center in order to transfer to a long distance number. HINT: Always tell your caller what the option is before telling them what number to press. This is especially important if you have more than one number to press. And always have the call routing options at the beginning of the message, not at the end. Otherwise the message will start recording before the caller has a chance to press a key, and the routing will not take place.

Notification - email, text

You can have your cell phone, and or email address (or another number) notified when you have a voice message in your mail box. Arrangements must be made with the service center to send notification to a number. There is no charge to notify a Wikstrom phone, pager, cell phone via text or email sent. But any other long distance number will require additional charges. When set up, follow instructions to select user options, the notification plan, then press 2 to activate or de-activate notification.

Other Advanced Features

There are many additional advanced features available, such as auto-attendant boxes (mail boxes which answer the phone and direct calls). There are modest monthly charges for some of these advanced features. If you have a business or enterprise where these features might be useful, contact our service center to make arrangements to obtain these services.