NW Minnesota & NE North Dakota
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     This page is maintained as a community networking center.  You can participate!

Your Organization's events:  You can post the events for your organization on these community pages.  Email your events to community@wiktel.com  You can send us a description of your event in html format to be linked to your event, or have us link your event to your web page.

Pictures of Happenings in the Region: You are welcome to contribute pictures of things that are going on in the region, as well as news, history, etc. Take pride in your community by sending us pictures that make your town stand out, or give it flavor.  Photographers & Photobuffs   You can contribute 

Quotes/Funny Instructions/Bumper Stickers/Oxymorons/etc.:  If you have either an enlightening quote, or a funny quote or saying, pass it on to us at community@wiktel.com 

Want Ads:  You can place want ads on our want ad pages for no charge.  Yes you can post them for friends.  You don't need to be a wiktel customer to use any of these free community pages. E-mail wantad@wiktel.com with a want ad.

Directories:  The site has a number of directories for the region as well as the world. Let us know of important links that we should have on our site by emailing to webmaster@wiktel.com

Efficient Links:   The page is meant to give you a quick update on what is happening in the region, quick links to things you want to check on, and gradually deepening directories and references.  Efficiency and Scope are our objective.  Is there anything you like to check on every day, like stock quotes, portfolio, news, TV, sports, or whatever?   If you can think of things to add to the list of quick links,  e-mail us at webmaster@wiktel.com 

Community Map and Community Pages:  The community map has hyperlinks to all of the communities in the region.  If there is important information that you think would be of interest to those browsing the web for our area, please e-mail the information in html format to webmaster@wiktel.com   Take pride in your community by taking responsibility for making sure we have all of the good stuff people ought to know.  Put it in html format, and send it to us. 


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