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eg  :) = smile

Mouse <:3)~~~~
(Japanese) ^_^ / Joyful!
.. (<>
A cold :~)
A cold :-~)
A cold :-~|
A dozen roses12x--<--@
A dozen roses12x@>--->---
A long-stemmed rose @>--->---
Abraham Lincoln ==):-)=
Abraham Lincoln =):-)=
Administrators On-LineA-OLs
Along The Same Line ATSL
am a vampire. :-[I
Angel O:-)
Angry - Seriously:-||
Angry, frustrated }:[
Angry, or got a black eye ;-(
Annoyed >:-(
Are We Having Fun Yet? AWTTW
Are You OK? UOK
As A Matter Of Fact AAMOF
As Far As I Know AFAIK
As I See It AISI
As Soon As Possible ASL Age, sex, location ASAP
Aside comment :-Y
Asleep |I
Asleep |-|
Astonished :C
At Your Own Risk AYOR
Atomic bomb @==
Away From the Keyboard AFK
Baby ~:o
Back At Keyboard BAK
Back On Topic BOT
Back to back ][
Bandaid, meaning comfort(::()::)
Be Back Later BBL
Be Right Back BRB
Be That As It May BTAIM
Be There Or Be Dead BTOBD
Beaten up%+|
Beats The Hell Outta Me BTHOM
Been working all night%-|
Before I Forget BIF
Begins a flame (inflammatory message) ~==
Believe it or not BION
Big grin =^D
Big laugh |-D
Black eye ?(
Black eye!-(
Black eye ?-(
Blowing a kiss :-{}
Bored, sad:[
Bored, sad:|
Boy Friend BF
Brain dead%-6
Brain dead right now. %-)
Brain dead; Hung over%-/
Bring Your Own Bottle BYOB
Bursting With Laughter BWL
But You Knew That BYKT
By The Way BTW
Bye Bye For Now BBFN
Bye For Now BFN
Bye For Now B4N
candle, indicating a flame (inflammatory message) ~= Lit
Cat in the Hat IIIIII8^)X
Cat in the Hat IIIIII8^)X
Chat With You Later CWYL
Cindy Crawford :-.)
College graduate Q:-)
Confused :~/
Correct Me If I’m Wrong CMIIW
Count Dracula:-[x>
Cowboy, I amC):-)
crayon (especially effective when typed in different font colors) [{--Crayon--]}>
Cross-eyed; Artistic face; Picasso%)
Crying :\'-(
Crying :\'(
Crying :\'
Crying ;(
Crying ;(
Crying :.(
Crying :~-(
Damned If I Know. DIIK
Darth Vader(8<|
Dazed or silly%-)
Deja vu :-| :-|
Devil ]:->
Devilish expression<:>
Devilish expression<:->
Devilish wink>-)
Diamond ring [>O
Disappointed :e
Do I Know You? DIKU?
Do I Look Like I Give A Darnn?. DILLIGAD
Do It Yourself DIY
Don’t Know DK
Drunk with laughter%-
Drunk with laughter%-<I>
Drunk with laughter%-<|>
Eeek!; Eeek! Just saw a mouse<:-O
Empty glass \_/
Especially hot flame message ~~:-(
F*** off and die FOAD
face 2 (use Alt + 148, 168, 148) ö¿ö Horizontal
Face to face }{
Face To Face F2F
Face To Face FTF
Faster Than A Speeding Bullet FTASB
Faster Than Light FTL
Fat Cat (='.'=)
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt FUD
Female O+
Fill In The Blank FITB
Finished off a fifth for lunch%')
First Come, First Served FCFS
First In, Still HereFISH
Fish ><((((o>
Flame message ~:-(
For Sale FS
For What It’s Worth FWIW
For Your Amusement FYA
For Your Information FYI
Fouled Up Beyond All Repair FUBAR
Fouled Up Beyond Belief. FUBB
Frankenstein [:|
Frankenstein [:-|
Frayed nerves; overwrought8-[
French kiss P*
Friend Of A Friend FOAF
Full glass \~/
Full Up Ready To Burst FURTB
Gee, I Wish I’d Said That GIWIST
Get A Life GAL
Get On With It GOWI
Giggles ^^^
Girl Friend. GF
Glasses broken; Sad confused; Practical joker who got beat up%-(
Go Ahead GA
Gone For Now. GFN
Good grief! |-{
Good Luck and Good Hunting GLGH
Got beat up%+{
Got punched in the nose:+(
Got To Go GTG
Got to Go G2G
Great Minds Think Alike GMTA
Great To See You GTSY
Grin, or Giggle G
Grinning, Ducking and Running GD&R
Happy devil ]:-)
Happy, approving :^D
Hats off to you! d:-o
Having a hard time :{
Hear no evil :X
Heavy smoker:-d~
Heavy smoker :-p~
Hee hee! |-)
Hello again or In Regard To re
High five ^5
Horizontal face (use Alt keystroke plus 0169, 0191, 0169)©¿©
Hug []
Hug Insert a name in the brackets of the one who is being hugged, as: [[Marcia]] [[ ]]
Hug; the one whose name is in the brackets is being hugged; Example: {{MJ}} {{ }}
Hugs and kisses(()):**
Hugs and Kisses H&K
Hugs And Kisses HAK
Humorous or ironic%-}
Hung over%-\
Hung Over%*@:-(
Hung over%-\
I am a chef C=:-)
I am having a hard time :{
I Am Not A Lawyer (but) A disclaimer which is usually followed by a legal opinion IANAL
I am pro-nuclear war. @=
I am wearing a Santa Claus Hat. *<:-)
I Beg To Differ IBTD
I Don't Know IDK
I have a big mouth.:( )
I have a comment!
I have a question?
I Just Want To Know IJWTK
I Just Want To Say IJWTS
I Know What You Mean IKWUM
I Might Add IMA
I See IC
I See What You Mean ISWYM
I'm drooling :p~~
If It Were Me IIWM
If The Shoe Fits Wear It. ITSFWI
If You See What I Mean IYSWIM
In Accordance With IAW
In Any Case IAC
In Any Event IAE
In Before The LockIBTL
In My Experience IME
In My Humble Opinion IMHO
In My Not So Humble Opinion IMNSHO
In My Opinion IMO
In My Point Of View IMPOV
In No Particular Order INPO
In Other Words IOW
In Real Life IRL
In The Final Analysis ITFA
Indifferent, bored or disgusted :-|
Innocently asking dumb question<:-)
I’m So Sure ISS
I’m So Sure You Get The Idea! ISSYGTI
John Lennon //o-o\
Just A Minute JAM
Just A Second JAS
Just died X-(
Just For Information JFI
Just In Case JIC
Just KiddingJK
Just My Opinion JMO
Just To Let You Know JTLYK
Keep In Touch KIT
Keep It Simple, Stupid KISS
Keep Your Fingers Crossed KYFC
Kiss :-*
Kiss :x
Kiss My A** KMA
Kiss my butt(_x_)
Kiss, or My lips are sealed :-x
Kisses =^*
Kisses and hugs XOXOXO
Kitten, version 1=^-.-^=
Kitten, version 2^..^
Know What I Mean? KWIM
Later L8R
Laugh L
Laugh (Normal)^_^
Laughing happily :-D
Laughing My A** Off LMAO
Laughing My Head Off LMHO
Laughing out loud%-(|)
Laughing out loud%-(I)
Laughing Out Loud LOL
Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts. LSHMBH
Laughing to Self LTS
Laughing Too Hard To Type LTHTT
Left-handed smile, or smiley from the southern hemisphere(-:
Let’s Just Be Friends LJBF
Licking lips:-9
Licking lips, or tongue in cheek:-?
lips are sealed; or a kiss :-X My
Little devil>:)
Long Time No See LTNS
Long Time, No Type LTNT
Lost a fight%+{
Lots and Lots of Thunderous Applause LLTA
Lots of hugging (initials or a name can be put in the middle of the one being hugged)((()))
Loudmouth, talks all the time; or shouting:()
love (heart shape)<3
Love You LY
Male O->
Marge Simpson****:-)
Matter Of Fact MOF
May The Force Be With You MTFBWY
Member Of Same Sex MOSS
Member Of The Appropriate Sex MOTAS
Member Of The Opposite Sex MOTOS
Member Of The Same Sex MOTSS
Message of the day MOTD
Mind Your Own Business MYOB
Mischievous devil>:-)
Mischievous smile :-}
Monk or nun+<:-|
Monkey face%-()
mug (_)3 Beer
Multiple Letter Acronym MLA
My Eyes Glaze Over MEGO
My lips are sealed = X
My lips are sealed; or someone wearing braces:-#
My mean pet. 3:[
My pet. 3:]
Net flame ~~:[
Never Again Voluneer YourselfNAVY
Never Heard Of Him/Her NHOH
New With Tags (for selling items online)NWT
New Without Tags (for selling items online)NWOT
No Big Deal NBD
No comment {}
No Friggin' Way! NFW
No Problem NP
No Questions Asked NQA
No smoking :/i
None Of Your Business NOYB
Not funny :/)
Not That It Matters NTIM
Not To Worry NTW
Now That You Mention It NTYMI
Obligatory OB
Obligatory On-Topic Comment OOTC
Off The Top Of My Head OTTOMH
Oh My God OMG
Oh No, Not Again ONNA
Oh No, Not This Again ONNTA
Oh, By The Way OBTW
Oh, I See OIC
Okay k
On A Totally Unrelated Subject OATUS
On An Unrelated Subject OAUS
On the Floor (laughing) OTF
On the Floor Laughing OTFL
On The Other Hand OTOH
On The Other Other Hand OTOOH
On The Third Hand OTTH
One-sided smile:-j
One-sided smile:-l
Open-mouthed, surprised:-O
Or Best Offer OBO
or LAB&TYD Life's A B**ch And Then You Die LABATYD
Out To Lunch OTL
Over and Out (end of communication) OO
Over The Top OTT
P Yuck>=^
P*ssing Myself Laughing (a common UK expression)PMSL
Pablo Picasso%-~
Pablo Picasso%-^)
Packing a Big Gun PABG
Pain In The A** PITA
Pardon Me For Butting In PMFBI
Pardon Me For Jumping In PMFJI
Pardon My Butting In PMBI
Pardon My French or Pure Freaking Magic. PMF
Pardon My Jumping InPMJI
People PPL
People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms PCMCIA
Person Of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters POSSLQ
Piggy :©)
Please Don't Shout. PDS
Please Tell Me More PTMM
Please, No Cursing Allowed Here PNCAH
Pondering, or impartial:-I
Proud of black eye!-)
Public Domain PD
Puckered up for a kiss |-<>
Puckered up to kiss:-><
Punk rocker with a Mohawk-:(
Punk, or hosehead =:-)
Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth PMIGBOM
Raised eyebrow `:-)
Rank Has Its PrivilegesRHIP
Read And Enjoyed, But No Comment RAEBNC
Read The Bloody Manual RTBM
Read The F------ Manual RTFM
Read The Freaking FAQ RTFF
Read The Frequently Asked Questions RTFAQ
Read The Manual RTM
Read The Whole Friggin' Question RTWFQ
Read Your Friendly Manual RYFM
Read Your Screen RYS
Real Life RL
Real Life Conference RLCO
Real Soon Now RSN
Regular smile with a nose:^)
Religious leader+<:-)
Respondez S'il Vous Plait - please reply RSVP
Return Receipt Request RRQ
Returning kiss:**:
Robot [:|]
Robot [:]
Roll On Floor Laughing My A** Off ROFLMAO
Rolling On Floor Laughing ROFL
Rolling On Floor Laughing And Screaming ROFLAS
Rolling On The Floor ROTF
Rolling On The Floor Laughing ROTFL
Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A** Off Till I Die ROTFLMAOTID
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud ROTFLOL
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud And Peeing My Pants ROTFLOLAPMP
Rolling On The Floor Laughing Till I Cry ROTFLTIC
Ronald Reagan7:)
Ronald Reagan7:^)
Rose @}->--
Rose for you (to show affection) @}->--
Rose, version 1@>--->----
Rose, version 2--<--@
Sad; Not amused%-{
salute M:-) A
Same Old Stuff or Help! SOS
Santa Claus*<:-)
Santa Claus*<:-)>
Santa Claus, or a clown*<|:-)
Secret agent(B^|
See Last Mail SLM
See no evil M-)
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil M-), :X, :-M
See What I Mean? SWIM
See You CU
See You Later CUL8R
See you later CUL
See You, Too CU2
SH** Out Of Luck SOL
Shark ____/___o/___
Shedding a tear :`-(
Shot to death*-)
Shouting :-V
Significant Other SO
Sitting In Chair Snickering SICS
Situation Normal: All Fouled Up SNAFU
Skateboarder, I am o{-<]:
Sleepy (on late night email message) |(
Sleepy, struggling to stay awake, or sleeping badly |-(
Small Matter of Programming SMOP
Smile S
Smile - classic:)
smile a variation of :) and :-):oP
smile a variation of :) and :-):o)
smile a variation of :) and :-);o)
Smile of happiness or sarcasm:->
Smile with moustache :-{)
Smile with moustache and beard :-{)}
Smile- classic :-)
Smiley variation(:-)
Smiling blockhead; also sarcasm :-]
Smoking :-Q~
Snake ~~~~8}
Snake =====:}
Sniffles :-\'|
Snoring |^o
Snoring |^o
Snowboarder O>-</
Snuffed candle to end a flame message-=
Sorry, Could Not Resist SCNR
Speak no evil:-M
Speaking Of Which SOW
Square head [:-]
Stared too long at monitor; Confused; Cross-eyed;%-)
Starry-eyed angel O 8-)
Starry-eyed angel O8-)
Steaming mad ~ :-(
Sticking out my tongue :P
Sticking out my tongue, and I have a nose :^P
Sticking out tongue :P
Sticking out tongue:-f
Sticking out tongue :-P
Sticking out tongue, and I have sunglassesB^P
Sticking tongue out, version 2 :-p
Sticking tongue out, version 3 :-r
Stupid Four Letter Acronym SFLA
Sunglasses on head B:-)
Sunglasses smileB*)
Surpassing All Previous Foul Ups SAPFU
Surprised = O
Surprised look, or yawn:-o
Sword <;;;;;;;;;;;|===0
Ta Ta For Now TTFN
Talk To You Later TTYL
Talk To You Tomorrow. TTYT
Tears of happiness :\'-)
Tears Running Down My Cheeks. TRDMC
Thank You Very Much TYVM
Thanks THX
Thanks TNX
Thanks A Million TNXE6
Thanks For The Help Ahead Of Time TFTHAOT
Thanks In Advance TIA
That Is Not What I Said TINWIS
That’s All For Now TAFN
the one writing<smile>
the one writing the message is smirking<smirk>
the one writing the message is winking<wink>
The Pope+O:-)
The Powers That Be TPTB
the speaker chuckles<chuckle>
the speaker is frowning<frown>
the speaker is grinning<grin>
There Ain’t No Justice TANJ
There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch TANSTAAFL
There Oughta Be A Law. TOBAL
There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch TNSTAAFL
THERE? Are you there? RU
Things Are Really Fouled Up TARFU
Thinking Of You. TOY
This Oughta Be Good. TOBG
Three Finger Salute (Ctl-Alt-Del). TFS
To be or not to be2B|^2B
To The Best Of My Knowledge TTBOMK
Tongue hanging out in disgust, or a smoker :-Q
Tongue in cheek-)
Tongue In Cheek TIC
Tongue in cheek:-J
Too Darn Many TDM
Totally Stupid Rules. TSR
Try Before You Buy TBYB
Trying Not To Laugh TNTL
Uh oh! :-o
Unhappy, frown:(
Unhappy, frown with a nose:^(
Unsmiley :-t
Unsmiling blockhead; also criticism :-[
Very angry :-||
Very drunk %+\ Messed up; Spaced out; Effected; Scrambled; Out-to-lunch%*}
Very mischievous devil>:->
Very sad:-<
Very sad(:-\
Very unhappy:-c
Wait a second SEC
Want To Buy WTB
Want To Go Private? WTGP
Wash My Mouth Out With Soap WMMOWS
Waste Of Time And Money WOTAM
Way To Go! WTG
Wearing a Walkman [:-)
Welcome Back WB
Well, I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle WIBAMU
What Do You Mean By That?. WDYMBT
What Do You Think? WDYT
What The F***? WTF
What the hell? WTH
What You Get Is What You Pay For WYGISWYPF
What? :>
What? :@
What?! :-s
Whatever WE
When All Else Fails WAEF
Where No One Has Gone Before WNOHGB
Wide-eyed surprise8-|
Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses8-)
Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses8)
Wink ;)
Wink with a raspberry ;P
Winkey ;-)
Winking and laughing ;-D
Winking at you ;-)
Winking devil>->
Winky \')
Winky \'-)
Wiped out, partied all night#-)
With Regard To, or With Respect To WRT
Without Thinking WT
Without Thinking Too Much. WTTM
Won the lottery, or money on the brain$-)
Work Of Art WOA
Worked all night%-|
Wouldn’t It Be Nice If WIBNI
Wry face:-/
Wry smile }-)
Wry smile or half-smile:-i
Yawn |-O
Yes, I Understand YIU
Yes, I Will Go Private YIWGP
Yet Another Bloody Acronym YABA
Yet Another Off-Topic Message YAOTM
Yet Another Unix Nerd YAUN
You Get The Idea? YGTI
You Get What You Pay For YGWYPF
You Know You're A Redneck When YKYARW
You're Gonna Love This YGLT
Your Mileage May Vary (or your experience could be different)YMMV