Why Wiktel is the Best

Wiktel Why Wiktel is the Best

Wiktel is the best Internet Service Provider for a number of reasons:

(1) Capacity and reliability. (a) Once connected to Wiktel, all circuits go through fiber optic cables directly into the high speed internet. (b) Our servers are high capacity, redundant, backed up by standby power, and 24/7 maintenance service.

(2) The best email services. Customers ahave a wide variety of options for controling their email. The email is filtered for viruses; both incomes and outgoing. Unwanted email (spam) is filtered, and the email accounts can be controlled by the customer to get exactly the kind of email filtering that the customer wants. This is all done at the server, prior to reaching your computer. Use mail.wiktel.com to control your email, and create highly efficient lists. No charge for email boxes for everyone in the family.

(3) Free Content Filtering. There is no charge to protect your family from the dark side of the internet. Wiktel's - First Line of Defense monitors content to protect your family from the dark side of the internet. There is no charge for this service. Simply ask for this to be on the service when you sign up, or at any time later.

(4) Space for your own web pages. 10 Megabytes of storage and a website linked to the web through our home page directory.

(5)Friendly Help Desk Services. Someone is available most hours of the day to help you with the problems you may have with your connection.