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Wiktel has the Finest Internet Service Available Today!

With ready access, redundant fiber optic cables providing reliable high bandwidth connections between our network and the rest of the Internet. Our competitive, affordable prices, allow you to pick the package that best suits your needs. Our friendly help desk representatives are available most hours of the day to provide dependable customer service and assist you with any Internet problems you may face.

Depending upon where you live, we deliver Internet service using Fiber, DSL, and Wireless technologies.

Fiber & DSL Internet

Whether you are looking to browse the Internet and stream video to 1-2 devices, or stream every room in your house or business at blinding speeds, we have the service to fit your needs.

Bundle with your Telephone for Discounted Pricing

" pricing listed as with telephone*** / without telephone*** "
25 Mbps
A step up from economy; offering steady speeds to fill your daily Internet needs.
50 Mbps
$44.95 / $54.95
Dependable, steady speeds; whether browsing or streaming video.
100 Mbps
$54.95 / $64.95
High speed for the whole family; multiple devices; streaming; gaming; and more.
250 Mbps
$79.95 / $89.95
Excellent speeds. Stream movies, music, games, and more.
1 Gbps
$128.95 / $138.95
Exemplary service; incredibly fast; truly astounding speeds; you'll never have to wait for content.
** Actual speeds vary by technology, distance (for DSL), and other factors. **
** Prices vary between Residential & Commercial **
*** Phone service is required in ILEC geographic areas ***

Wireless Internet

In certain locations, where Fiber or DSL are unavailable, we deliver Internet service using wireless technology.

Our state-of-the-art wireless equipment provides a fast and stable connection suitable for today's needs; including video streaming.

10/1 Mbps
2-3 High Definition Streams
25/3 Mbps
1 4k Stream
35/5 Mbps
1 4k Stream; more upload
40/7 Mbps
1-2 4k Stream(s)
50/10 Mbps
1-2 4k Stream(s); lots of upload
** Actual speeds vary by distance, obstacles, and other factors. **

Managed Router & WiFi

We have reasonably priced equipment rentals:

Home WiFi Service
For Managed Router & WiFi. Includes whole-house filter for DSL.
WiFi Mesh Repeater
for each
With each repeater, extend the range of your Internet service within your home. Enjoy service in any room of your house.

Modem Purchase

Do you want to own your own equipment?

DSL Modem
Through this device data is transported via a line to your computer or router; connecting you to the broadband Internet.

Why Choose Wiktel?

Capacity & Reliability

Once connected to Wiktel, all circuits go through fiber optic cables directly into the high speed Internet. Our servers are high capacity, redundant, backed up by standby power, and 24/7 maintenance service.

Best Email Services

Customers ahave a wide variety of options for controling their email. The email is filtered for viruses; both incomes and outgoing. Unwanted email (spam) is filtered, and the email accounts can be controlled by the customer to get exactly the kind of email filtering that the customer wants. This is all done at the server, prior to reaching your computer. Use to control your email, and create highly efficient lists. No charge for email boxes for everyone in the family.

Free Content Filtering

There is no charge to protect your family from the dark side of the Internet. Wiktel's - First Line of Defense monitors content to protect your family from the dark side of the Internet. There is no charge for this service. Simply ask for this to be on the service when you sign up, or at any time later.

Friendly Help Desk Services

Someone is available most hours of the day to help you with the problems you may have with your connection.

Please take a moment to read our
Open Internet Disclosure Statement

Service Offerings

Wiktel directly offers broadband ISP services directly to retail consumers and to business customers. These services include: Internet access, web mail, web hosting, and data storage and transfer.

Pricing for retail consumers and businesses is based upon speed of service and amount of storage required. Please visit our Services page for service levels and pricing or contact our customer service representatives.


We offer a speed test site which can be accessed at:

Congestion Management

We do not regulate, limit, or control network traffic. The Network is designed to accommodate traffic requirements and can handle peak capacity in the event of a partial network outage. In the event of congestion, all traffic is classified as best effort.

Content, Applications, Services & Device Providers

We do not discriminate between or among services it provides and those provided by others. All services which are lawfully obtained are accessible without limitation and no special network practices are employed when third party services or applications are utilized.

Security Measures

Our Network employs metrics which determine whether there is a Denial of Service or similar attack hitting the Network. During the time of such attacks inbound and outbound traffic filtering techniques will be employed to avoid Network congestion and other Network degradation. If any Network traffic appears to be a malicious attempt to disrupt the Network, such as by email spamming or otherwise, corrective action will be taken and Network information may be transmitted to the appropriate law enforcement agency for investigation and possible criminal prosecution under various computer hacking laws.

Speed Test

We offer a speed test site which will allow you to test your Internet connection speed.

Take Control of Your Home with the

Ultimate Home WiFi App

  • Protect with Parental Controls
  • Block Malicous Websites
  • Keep Your Sensitive Information Secure

Wholesale / Dedicated Fiber

For wholesale Internet (also called DIA or IP Transit) with a service level agreement, please contact us.

Installation Cost

Parts + Labor (after one hour free) @ $65/hour

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