Telephone Services

Wiktel Telephone Services

Local Phone Service

Wiktel is proud to have provided local telephone service to Northwest Minnesota for more than 70 years.

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No Service Contract Needed for Local Service

Many Free Features

Some of the many free features we offer include: Voicemail, Telemarketer Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, and Three Way Calling.

Keep Your Phone Number

Already have a telephone number? Don't want to update your contacts, but still want Wiktel's telephone service? Keep your number!

Expanded Area Local 30 Minutes

Long Distance Phone Service

Basic Long Distance 30 minute Free Service

No monthly charge, includes 30 minutes, and only $0.10 cent per minute overages.

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Bundle with Internet


You can get voicemail service from Wiktel, even if you do not have a telephone line from us. If you already have a telephone line with Wiktel, see ourvoicemail instructionsfor details. You can have your voicemails sent to your email or texted to a cell phone.

Business Phone Systems

On-site & Hosted

Wiktel provides the latest in business phone technologies. We offer both on-site systems (from Panasonic) and hosted PBX solutions. Our hosted PBX offering is built on the industry leading FreeSWITCH platform and utilizes feature-rich Polycom phones.

Auto Bill Pay

You can have your bills automatically paid, saving a letter and postage. Sign Up Today!