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You can have your own domain name for your business or organization hosted on our servers for as little as $10 per month.

We can take care of registering the domain name for you, and initial setup is free. In addition to $10 per month, we need to pass on the domain registration fee to you. The fee is approximately $15 per year (discounts may be available for longer terms) depending on the Top-Level Domain (.com, .net, .org, etc.) and is subject to change (outside of Wiktel's control).

Due to the expense of processing the registration, we require a minimum registration term of two years.




per month



per month



per month
Control Panel Only for Email cPanel (Industry Standard) cPanel (Industry Standard)
Disk Quota 10 GB 25 GB 100 GB
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
HTTPS Certificate ✓ Free (Let's Encrypt) ✓ Free (cPanel/Comodo) ✓ Free (cPanel/Comodo)
PCI Compliant
Wordpress (Blog Software)
Maximum of:
Databases (MariaDB 10) 10 10 25
Sub Domains 0 0 20
Parked Domain (Alias) 1 1 25
Addon Domains 0 0 0
There is no preset limit on the number of email mailboxes
Webmail Roundcube Roundcube & Horde
Email Quota 5 GB per mailbox, separate from disk quota above Per mailbox quotas are user-customizable. Mailboxes are subject to the disk quota above. cPanel customers may alternatively choose to host their email on the other platform at no additional cost.
Mailing Lists Basic (No Mailman) Advanced (GNU Mailman) Advanced (GNU Mailman)
Cron Jobs

All Packages Include

  • DNS Hosting with DNSSEC
  • Apache
  • AWStats (Web Analytics)
  • ClamAV (email virus filtering)
  • Greylisting (email filtering), optional
  • IPv6
  • Perl
  • PHP 7.2
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • SpamAssassin (spam filtering)
  • Daily Backups
  • RAID
  • 24/7 Monitoring System
  • On-Site Generator & Battery Backup
  • Temperature Controlled & Secured Server Room
  • Access to Server Logs (Access Logs, Error Log)
  • GZIP Compression
  • MIME Type Additions & Overrides (via .htaccess)
  • Password Protected Directories Supported(via .htaccess)

* Prices Subject to Change *

When you order service you agree to these terms, and other terms of service, policies, and rules as posted on this website, including:

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