Internet Rules

Wiktel Internet Rules

The Advantages of High Speed Internet

1.You can be connected all the time.

2.You can download files when browsing the internet at much higher speeds.

3.Large email files transfer into one's computer quickly.

Internet Rules

What the limits are for, for our regular low priced services.

1.You must pay extra for continuous bandwidth usage. Our lower priced services are meant for occasional downloads at high speeds. They are not meant for constant or excessive usage.

You can have any service you want, but at the appropriate price.We offer a variety of services for businesses. Contact Us if you would like additional services.

2.We may require a customer to change their password from time to time. We may require a customer to change their user name.

3.Monthly Commitment: Internet service is payable in advance each month. Unless the customer has signed up for a longer period of time, the customer commits to one month of service each month, and no portion of the monthly charge is refundable if service is disconnected at any time during the month. See our monthly commitment. If the customer signed up for a longer period of time, once that time has expired, the commitment becomes month by month.

4. You may not send out unsolicited emails from a address.

Unsolicited email (spam) is mail that other people did not ask for, and which most people do not want. It is ok to send out email to a list of people. But you must assure that those people are carefully selected so that it is reasonable that most of them want the email. Having a statement that people can email you and be taken off the list is adequate for a carefully selected list that might want your letter. However, it is not satisfactory for spam.

Many people are angry that they get spam, and it is a significant expense for Wiktel to handle the complaints. It also reflects badly on the Wiktel name. We may disconnect an email account until the customer discontinues the practice of sending unsolicited email. Providing internet service is a competitive business, and Wiktel reserves the right to refuse to do business with a customer for any reason.

Any customer who sends out large amounts of email for commercial, organizational, or political purposes is required to establish a domain name of their own and use that domain name for their solicitations. Then they will have to deal with the complaints and those government agencies that regulate unsolicited email themselves. Even with a private domain name, Wiktel refuses to provide service to anyone who engages in spam, pornography, viruses, or any other illegal, immoral, or improper activity.

When you order service you agree to these terms, and other terms of service, policies, and rules as posted on this website, including:

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