Long Distance

Wiktel Long Distance

Wikstrom Long Distance Service:  Wikstrom Long Distance adds value to your telephone.  It can save our customers $3 - $10+ per month.  Click on Print this form and send it to us to have Wikstrom Long Distance set as your long distance carrier.

No Long Distance Plan Fee.  Our simple and easy calling plan has no fee, & no billing statement fee.

No Billing Statement Fee.  Some carriers charge a fee for preparing the billing statement.  Wikstrom Long distance does not.

30 minutes free calling for state and interstate calls, and 10 cents per minute after the 30 minutes is used.  If you use your phone for less than 30 minutes total per month, you pay nothing for long distance. Customers who do not have a long distance carrier should pick Wikstrom Long Distance so that they can use their local phone for long distance if necessary.  International calls are not included in the free minutes.  Nor are operator assisted calls, or calls to US Territories.

48-State/interstate: 30 minutes free, 10 cents thereafter(48 States).
 Hawaii 11 cents,
Alaska 14.11
Canada 11.5 cents
International Calling Rates

Terms and conditions
     As usual, you must agree to the Terms and conditions.  Click here to read about our Terms and Conditions.  International calling rates are also in this link.

     We encourage every customer to have at least one phone connected directly to our system so they are always able to communicate with emergency services if their power or batteries are out, or there is a disaster or nuclear incident. Have Wikstrom Long Distance set up so you can make a long distance call in our local region if necessary.

    Print this form and send to us, to select Wikstrom Long Distance as your local phone carrier.  Or Call us at 218-436-2121 or see Wiktel Contact numbers

     Your local phone still provides the best reception, privacy, and reliability. Because your phone allows us to participate in revenue pools for rural areas, it is the source for providing the infrastructure that carries all telecommunications, internet, cellular, and cable TV in and out of our region. We will continue to greatly expand and increase the capacity for all of these services in the near future. The capacity and level of service will increase for all of your communications, networking, and entertainment needs!!

Other Free Services that come with your local phone: 

Custom Calling Features: All wikstrom customers have free custom calling features.
Call Forwarding, Caller Id, Call Waiting, Three way calling, Caller ID blocking, and many more.
Free Voice Mail:  You can receive voice mail on your phone, and you can pick up your voice messages in your email.
Text messages can be sent to your phone,
and they will be converted to voice mail, and internet mail so you can also listen to them from anywhere in the world and on any communication device. Another free feature of your wiktel phone.
     Your wiktel phone is an excellent place to organize your communications and messages and always have them in a safe and secure place.
Wiktel Community Home Page  The wiktel home page is devoted to the community.  The regional telephone directory, and links to regional organizations and events are organized and presented here.  There are links to local newspapers, banks, sports, weather, businesses, things to do in the region, guides to television programs, resources, and more. Your organization can keep its events here for the members to monitor.

Voice Mail:
You can get voice mail service from Wikstrom, even if you do not have a telephone line from us. The charges are very modest, and are easily integrated with our internet mail service. Contact us to order. If you have a telephone line with Wikstrom, you automatically get free voice mail services. They are ready and available for your use. Instructions

Auto Payment:
You can have your bills automatically paid, saving a letter and postage. Establish Auto Payment

Contact us:
Write: Wiktel, 212 South Main St., Karlstad, MN 56732-0217
Call: 218-436-2121
e-mail: sign up service@wiktel.com
To ask about internet products/services: inet@wiktel.com