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Wiktel Television Services

We are proud to offer television service. Check out our packages, equipment rentals & services, channel lineups, and more. If you have any questions, please give us a call today.


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  • Analog Basic$87.99
  • IPTV Economy$35.99
  • IPTV Basic$87.99
  • IPTV Basic+$106.74
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  • Acclaim Lite$43.00
  • Acclaim Choice$81.00
  • Acclaim Choice+$86.00
  • Absolute Cable TV Prime$120.00
  • Absolute Cable TV Prime+$126.00
  • Absolute Cable TV Sports Addon$8 or $6


Equipment & Services

HD Tuner
per TV
per month
DVR Service
500 GB
per month
DVR Service
1 TB
per month
Dashboards: Watch TV Everywhere
(Absolute Cable TV)
Watch TV Everywhere
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